Flake salt with fine herbs

Who doesn’t enjoy a succulent aroma of fine herbs? Who doesn’t want this unique touch especially for their most succulent meats?




Who doesn’t enjoy a succulent aroma of fine herbs? Who doesn’t want this unique touch especially for their most succulent meats?

But if these fine herbs are also wrapped and accompanied with the best White Salt Flakes, the effect is multiplied by a hundred and we fall short. It is suitable no, but perfect for any recipe. Add a mill stroke at the moment of consuming your plate and you will see how it changes automatically. Add sophistication to your recipes, from a meat, a fish, a salad or an omelette … Oh, how delicious are the tortillas with Salt with Fine Herbs.

Aroma, flavor … What more can you ask for from this pot full of secrets? In addition, its components are beneficial for your health. Nobody beats herbs, but also wild, fine, elegant herbs … that your nose will notice in the first step to let your palate enjoy them. A perfect mix and in absolute balance with the most exquisite and pure Salt, the White Flake.

– White Salt in Flakes: White salt, unique, pure, without added … Only Salt but what Salt.

White Flake Salt is one, if not the purest and most authentic salt. It does not need extras, it is powerful but at the same time delicate, crunchy and fine … Without a doubt, a seasoning that will make your dish different.

Its creation responds only to natural processes such as evaporation and fossilization. No chemical or industrial component participates in obtaining this White Salt Flakes. With this salt with a powerful flavor but just “salty” you can substitute common table salt for a higher quality, more natural and more authentic salt. Flee the iodine and switch to a salt without additives. In addition, with its mild but intense flavor at the same time, you will notice the difference in your dishes and you will not want or be able to stop using it. It is perfect for all your recipes, without exception because it is pure … Meats, fish, salads, soups … It dares and triumphs with everything.

And despite what we always hear, Salt is also beneficial for the body, always in its proper measure and consuming it in a balanced way:

– It is very positive for the muscles.
– Helps the growth and development of the body.
– It is a great contribution of magnesium.
– It is excellent for improving cardiovascular health.
– It allows you to sleep better.
– Boosts brain performance.
– Prevents fluid retention.

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