Strawberry Cream with Tequila

DIEX is a strawberry cream with tequila of Mexican origin, how could it be otherwise.

The careful selection with which all the ingredients that are part of it have been chosen result in a cream with spectacular color and flavor.

DIEX Strawberry Tequila Creme is made to delight the senses.

The incredible texture of the cream, its delicious flavor, that enveloping sweetness and its attractive color, which make it a cream of ten.

Mexico The Tequila’s Origin, that’s why DIEX tequila is made in Mexico. The Mexican
climate, land, and water give tequila an unmistakable flavor. We go back to the origins
to get a top-quality product.

TEN are the elements that make DIEX the best tequila cream with strawberries in the world:

the strawberries | the climate | your colour | the agave | the cream | its flavour | the water | the barrels | your sweetness | the earth