Spicy Salt Grinder XL

Who said you can’t spice it up with just one gesture and also add extra spice to your plate?

With this grinder, if you are a lover of good spicy and you like the right touch of salt, you have it solved in a single gesture. Salt, the best, the most authentic and with all its properties. And the extras? Extraordinary, of course, and also carefully chosen to create the perfect mix. Who adds to this salt? The Chili and the Cayenne. Excellent fusion and contribution of joint benefits to always bear in mind.

Ingredients: Salt, chili and cayenne.
Net Weight: 410g.
Volume: 14.46oz.
Packaging: plastic jar with adjustable grinder.

Exceptional for meat, fish, seafood, stews, pasta but above all, for lovers of spicy.


  • Helps strengthen the immune system. This way you can fight flu viruses, common colds, even allergies and all autoimmune processes.
  • Prevents and reverses high acid levels in your body. Very good alkalizing agent.
  • It allows you to produce more acids during digestion which helps you lose weight.
  • Calm irritated skin and skin infections (prepare a sea salt bath and you will notice the effects).
  • Reduces inflammation of the respiratory system, which is why it is a great ally of asthma.
  • Builds strong bones and prevents osteoporosis.


  • Reduces the chances of suffering from cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes, especially in the elderly.
  • It reduces the chances of suffering blood clots.
  • Rich in vitamins: C, E, A, B1, B2, B3, B6.
  • It is perfect to decongest the respiratory system … Hence, when we eat spicy, it stings but clean.
  • Powerful antiseptic and bactericidal: ideal for ear and tooth ailments.
  • Opens and stimulates the appetite.
  • Natural anesthetic: reduces pain by irritating tissues and increasing the blood that reaches the area.
  • Aphrodisiac … Sexual stimulant.
  • Helps the formation of collagen, teeth and bones.


  • Strong anti-irritant properties.
  • It allows us to fight flu and colds in a more agile way.
  • Prevents migraine and headache.
  • Encourages the creation of saliva and thereby, avoid certain diseases.

tabla xl sal picante

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