Black and white salt flakes

White and Black Salt Flakes An exquisite mix as well as decorative for your dishes. A perfect balance between white and black… In the form of salty flakes. Natural, quality and unique.

Ingredients: natural flake salt, 4% charcoal
Net Weight: 90g
Volume: 3.17oz
Packaging: glass jar

An exquisite mix as well as decorative for your dishes. A perfect balance between white and black… In the form of salty flakes. Natural, quality and unique.

White and Black Salt Flakes is made up of just the right amount of White Salt Flakes and Black Salt Flakes. It is perfect to provide the right amount of salty to your recipes and provide a point of design, color and novelty.

White Salt in Flakes: White salt, unique, pure, without added … Only Salt but what Salt.

White Flake Salt is one, if not the purest and most authentic salt. It does not need extras, it is powerful but at the same time delicate, crunchy and fine … Without a doubt, a seasoning that will make your dish different.

Its creation responds only to natural processes such as evaporation and fossilization. No chemical or industrial component participates in obtaining this White Salt Flakes. With this salt with a powerful flavor but just “salty” you can substitute common table salt for a higher quality, more natural and more authentic salt. Flee the iodine and switch to a salt without additives. In addition, with its mild but intense flavor at the same time, you will notice the difference in your dishes and you will not want or be able to stop using it. It is perfect for all your recipes, without exception because it is pure … Meats, fish, salads, soups … It dares and triumphs with everything.

And despite what we always hear, Salt is also beneficial for the body, always in its proper measure and consuming it in a balanced way:

  • It is very positive for the muscles.
  • Helps the growth and development of the body.
  • It is a great contribution of magnesium.
  • It is excellent for improving cardiovascular health.
  • It allows you to sleep better.
  • Boosts brain performance …
  • Avoid liquid retention. …

– Black Salt Flakes: pure, energetic sea salt that has taken on its dark color after a combination process with activated carbon (be careful when using it, it can leave a trace on your hands, although if it is to eat rich and beautiful, it will be well worth it ). It is a salt that although a priori does not contribute more than normal white salt, having been in contact with activated charcoal, provides an extra benefit to the body since this charcoal is very suitable for eliminating toxins from our body, improve digestion and is perfect as a nutritional supplement. In medical matters it is advised in intoxication processes since it blocks and prevents the absorption of certain toxins (those ingested orally).

A mixture that you must try for its beauty and its contribution. A perfect touch of salt and a touch of color to your dishes.

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