Persian Blue Salt Grinder

Only its name already takes us to a world of luxury and exoticism and it is that the Blue Salt of Persia, originally from far away Iran, has unique and special qualities that are worth discovering.

Ingredients: blue salt of persia
Net Weight: 180g
Volume: 6.35oz
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder

Mountain salt (from Iran), a mountain that long ago was washed by the Precambrian sea and that created this unique salt, recognized in the world for the bluish tone of its scales, the result of the fossilization of the sylvinite mineral that makes up this salt since 260 million years. Mineral that we always see in pink tones and that finding it in blue is a really strange phenomenon, hence its impressive value.

The Blue Salt of Persia is characterized by an intense flavor that combines perfectly with a unique sweet tone in the salts, a crunchy texture and a very dry salt. It is perfect for carpaccios, fish, sauces and thanks to its lemony touch, it is ideal for decorating cocktails.

As for benefits for your health, which it also has, its high percentage of iron stands out (great for the body and especially for women due to the habitual loss of this mineral), calcium (very appropriate for the bones) and potassium (which we all always tend to have deficiencies).

Use this salt in your recipes and try on occasion to substitute the usual white salt for this bluish one, it will surprise you.

tabla sal azul de Persia

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