Guerande Gris Salt Grinder

There is no shortage of colors for the salt… And for a sample, the Guerande Gris Salt. Yes, totally natural Gray Salt, pure and ready to add just the right touch of salting to your dishes.

A pure salt, without additives or extras, without any chemical or industrial process to obtain it … A sea salt, dried in the sun and originating in a unique place such as the Guérande peninsula, on the Atlantic coast of the historic region of Brittany (although in today belongs to the Pays de la Loire), in France. This salt, the gray one, is classified as one of the highest quality marine salts and we have it right there and it comes to us in its original, pure and authentic state.

Net weight 165 g

Its properties speak for themselves:

  • Unrefined and rich in trace elements and mineral salts.
  • Not washed and hence its original color … Gray, a gray achieved thanks to the clay that covers and upholsters the bottom of the salt beds.
  • The original salt extracted is Sal Gorda (medium size) but it is often ground (without additives) to market it as fine. We, in Regional, bet on the fat and original in scales.
  • Even today, this salt is collected by hand by the paludiers who, with a long stick finished in a paddle, search the surface of the salt mine in search of salt.
  • Low degree of humidity so its contribution to the body is greater.

Its aroma and above all its flavor is super characteristic: absolutely seaweed and sea.

  • Minerals: Sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur.
  • Trace elements: Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper.

If you want to try something different with a very sea touch, this salt is yours. As always, salt with caution and always ground at the right time.

tabla sal gris de Guerande