Organic Powdered Cinnamon

The organic powder cinnamon is 100% pure, unmodified, without preservatives or dyes to maintain all its natural properties.

Cinnamon…the smell that transports us all to magical places, to our childhoods, to our mother or grandmother’s kitchen, to those who make cinnamon sweets. It’s a scent to enjoy and a flavour worth living for.

It’s one of the oldest known spices and has always held its place on our home’s shelf of treasures. In powder form, it’s used to flavour our desserts and, of course, our hot drinks that help comfort us during the cool autumn and winter months. Cinnamon works well in a good cup of hot chocolate, Chai Tea with milk or a frothy Cappuccino. Everything cinnamon touches turns into something incredible.

Ingredients: Organic cinnamon powder
Weight: 70gr

It comes from Ancient Egypt and was left with us from Ceylon. The purest and most authentic cinnamon, ensured by Regional to be both ecological and preserving the most beneficial qualities for our health, doesn’t only smell great but is also brilliant for our bodies.

What is cinnamon? A plant? A seed? It’s actually bark (clearly seen when you buy it straight from the branch) found within the cinnamon tree, dried in cool shade for 4 to 5 days, during which it acquires its characteristic colour derived from the sulphur it releases.

Cinnamon is our ally in the face of potential health issues and acts as the perfect base for natural remedies that help us to feel better (always as a complement to the medication prescribed by a professional).

We keep using cinnamon because

  • It eliminates stomach gas, inflammation and pain caused by digestive disorders.
  • It’s healthy for the colon, since it helps to eliminate bile salts and other waste (it frees our bodies from gas, reducing bad breath caused by stomach problems).
  • It benefits cardiovascular health as it helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • It detoxifies our blood, freeing it from toxins and helps us to lose weight by improving our body’s movement and using up carbohydrates and sugars.
  • Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it’s a great remedy for menstrual pains.
  • Furthermore, it’s great at fighting diabetes thanks to its Cinnamtannin B1 component that stimulates insulin receptors to improve our cells’ use of available glucose.

It’s fundamental to eat cinnamon…may it always be of excellent quality and become even more ecological. Take care of your body with the best product.