Organic Orange Sicilian Salt

You will first feel the aroma of red orange in your mouth…. then a fruity flavor that will take you to that beautiful house in southern Italy....

We were told that we couldn't have the most authentic Sicily anywhere in the world! But at Regional Co. we've done it!

Salt, orange peel oil and organic turmeric powder


How many times have you dreamt of Sicily? Imagine yourself there, tasting a succulent Italian “insalata” accompanied by this exotic mixture: pure natural sea salt with Sicilian orange, turmeric and sweet paprika.

The first thing you will feel in your mouth will be the aroma of red orange… followed by a fruity taste that will take you to a beautiful house in the south of Italy…

We were told that we couldn’t have the most authentic Sicilian flavour anywhere in the world! but at Regional Co. we have managed to do it!

The oranges, meticulously pampered by the Sicilian sun, combined with pure sea salt, have created an extraordinary spice to refine salads, soups and fish.

Reinvent yourself at home with a Sicilian poem in your mouth.

And there’s more. Salt with Sicilian Orange worked wonders as secret ingredient in Asian dishes too.

Taste the exotic Sicilian orange, just like that, at home. Choose well. Salt with Sicilian orange