Eco Mexican chilli salt

An unprecedented "risk" for your taste buds. Only for the daring who likes strong and spicy flavors, you can use it with your meat dishes, a delicious snack of nachos and in all the recipes to which you want to give a tex-mex touch.

3% unrefined sea salt (chipotle pepper, sweet paprika and sweet paprika), all organically produced.


Looking to spice up your recipes with the true flavour of Mexico? Easy peasy: Add Mexican Salt Chilli from Regional Co.

Who doesn’t know the taste of Mexican hot chillies? The magic ingredients that make up this bold blend are sea salt, organic chipotle chilli, organic Bird’s Eye chilli and organic sweet paprika.

An unprecedented “risk” for your taste buds. You can use it with your meat dishes, with a delicious nacho appetiser or add it to all the recipes you want to give a Tex-Mex touch.

And what’s more, you can not only use it in your Mexican recipes but also in any vegetable dish, vegetarian specialties and accompanying hamburgers and hot dogs. An authentic Mexican delicacy in your kitchen and always within your reach!

Save time and money with this seasoning and you will be able to taste the authentic flavour of Texas immediately.