Organic salt and herbs for vegetables

You love vegetables, you like a natural balance in your diet and you know the importance of feeding your body with lots of vegetables. Eating all the vegetables that nature offers us is, hands down, the best way to take care of ourselves. Ways to prepare a good vegetable plate? Endless (you just have to visit our blog) and you can prepare many of them.

Undoubtedly, vegetables and are the best solution and the best companion of a healthy and balanced diet.

How to give them a unique touch of flavor and smell? With this Salt and Herb Grinder for Vegetables … Organic. Because if the dish is natural and healthy, its condiments as well and, of course, they must be of first quality and organic.

Ingredients: Organic virgin sea salt, marjoram, basil, sage, bay leaf, onion
and ecological pepper.
Net Weight 170g 6oz

What if rice is your thing? Well, you’re also lucky because this grinder is the most appropriate for all rice recipes.

  • Natural virgin sea salt: Because a good meat without its salt will not be complete and because a legume without “sweating” with a good salt, will not show you its great flavor.
  • Marjoram: Unique aroma, little known but exceptional on a good vegetable preparation. Since you try it, it will be forever in your kitchen.
  • Salvia: Another aromatic herb that you would have tried before with your vegetable recipes and your rice … Try it on your risottos.
  • Basil: Delicious, tasty, fragrant and perfect for fish.
  • Laurel: Chopped, you will not see it but you will feel it, you will smell it and it will taste like nothing else.
  • Pepper: Meat without pepper? Impossible … Of course, the best.
  • Garlic: Power for vegetables and unique touch for rice. That playful little touch that we all like.
  • All the ingredients and components of this grinder are organic.

Turn your wrist over your plate … Everything will be tasty and delicious. Before the oven, during cooking or directly, before eating your great creation.