Viborera Honey - Jar 800 gr

Viborera Honey

Viborera honey is produced in the town of Vega de Infanzones, on the banks of the Bernesga River. The hives located in these natural places are nourished by an abundant wild flowering, among which the viborera stands out. This flower is highly appreciated by bees as they provide a large and constant amount of nectar, as well as high-quality pollen. Accompanying blooms include broom, willow, wild radish, blackberry, and thyme.

The high presence of viborera in honey makes it a highly appreciated mono-floral viborera honey, as it is not easy to achieve it since the flowering is so prolonged through spring and summer that it joins with the other blooms.

This wild-flowering riverside area makes this a very high quality honey free of pollutants and pesticides.

Only artisanal procedures are used for the extraction and packaging, so it has not been pasteurized or microfiltered.

+ Information:

The organoleptic properties are as follows:

Color: light amber, orange when crystallized and with more yellow tones in its liquid form.

Aroma: subtle floral of little intensity but persistent.

Flavor: sweet, sweet white vinous notes.

It has a creamy body and slow crystallization.

Among the various applications, it stands out as a great natural substitute for jams and the perfect sweetener for infusions.

Its main characteristic is digestive, so adding it to a natural yogurt for dessert is also undoubtedly a great choice.