Ron Tinguram 10 years Gran Reserva

Ron Tinguram 10 years Gran Reserva
Our Gran Reserva rum remains 120 months in American oak barrels that have previously aged bourbon.

Tasting note
Color: dark amber, bright.
Aroma: persistent aged notes, well balanced, nuances of grapes-raisins, plums.
Flavor: light sweetness, well evolved, significant notes of wood, vanilla, dried sweet almonds.

Production Process. +Info.

In the first phase, the cane is cut and squeezed in mills to extract the juice. Then a little water is added for the next extraction. The juice is filtered in order to remove the residues. To remove excess water, it is passed through evaporators. After the first boiling, you get sugar, a thick and dark liquid that is left over called "Light molasses". When boiling again.We get "second-rate honey."                                                                   

In the second phase, the molasses is fermented and turned into must. Yeasts are used for fermentation, usually improved strains that optimize the characteristics of the rum. This process is controlled by means of temperature. For light rums like Tinguram Blanco and Añejo, the fermentation lasts about twelve hours. The heaviest rums like Tinguram 10 años are obtained from fermentations of up to twelve days. Once fermented, the guarapo or molasses go to the distillation process that takes place in towers.