Anchovy fillets in olive oil - Tambourine 110 - Small Size

Our anchovies have been made with carefully selected fishing from the spring catches in the Cantabrian Sea. Crafted by hand, meticulously one by one, they are of a higher caliber, and their color, flavor, texture and point of salt differentiate them on the palate.

We buy our own fish in the auctions of the brotherhoods and, later, take them to our factory, where we begin the delicate process. The anchovies are headed, then salted and kept in salting for between six and nine months. After this time, essential for their maturation, we proceed to work them one by one, removing the skin and a part of the salt. The artisan hands of the women of Santoña wash and dry them and then fillet them with care and place them in the cans and jars that are covered with olive oil.

  •  Weighy: 110 g
  •  Units/Can: 20/25
  •  Units/Case: 24

Cantabrian Anchovies, Salt and Olive oil

Keep between 5º and 12º C before consuming