Basically: Our Ethos.

We invest much time in our partnerships and thanks to careful partnerships with key producers/partners and suppliers, we are able to offer only the finest Fine Food.

We specialise in four main product areas Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVVO’s), Wines, cavas from two small wineries PDO’s&Artisanal Sangrias, Cured Meat Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian PDO Los Pedroches and a wonderful selection of carefully selected fine foods for your enjoyment: Forrest Honey, Artisanal Beers, High Quality Fish Preserves. Colombian Fair Trade Coffee…and many more.

We will always look to source quality products with quality accreditations. At Harvest/Facilities we have our own Compliance System that carefully check and monitor all principal matters to ensure we meet rigid animal welfare and always-growing quality standards as well as hold and comply with the relevant Food Safety Criteria.

Please also feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your order. Whether it is about the intricacies in the flavour of our EVOO’s or the Iberian Breed which origins dated before Roman Times, as well as the varying nuances of our Artisanal Sangrias or how best to enjoy our wonderful anchovies, we are here to help.

Partners’Background and Company Path.

The founders have long experience in the food, foreign trade and logistics sectors. SINERCUS began its business career in 2017 with a strategic alliance with some producers, now partners, of very high quality olive oil and the creation and development of 2 brands of EVOO's currently already recognized and with international awards, of which we are co-owners .

Once introduced in the international and national markets, in a second stage, we reach strategic agreements with the rest of our partners, sharing projects, management, enthusiasm and commitment; with carefully selected and recognized products, making us your international outsourced commercial department.

At present we are focused on the construction and development of our international commercial network based on a commitment to quality and service.

filosofia y valores de sinercus


Know what we offer:

With the firm purpose of satisfying our clients, distributors, importers, agents, etc. anywhere with our food products, for the love of things well done.

We are the mainly international commercial arm of our food product manufacturing partners. Sharing joys and suffering with them. We participate in the joint management of the improvement of processes: products, packaging, taking care of the environment, we aim for a closed circle economy clearly straightforward, food safety, Supply chain security and efficient management of shipments. "

Sinercus presents, under a cooperative relationship with our partners/friends, an exclusive selection of premium and healthy high-quality food products to offer to our customers.

Cooperating closely with our farmers and producers, with whom we go hand in hand, we aim to Environmental Preservation.

Our principles: care for the environment, the accent on artisanal, recovering the traditional to continuous innovations, minimizing our carbon footprint, betting on social and ecological integration projects as well as a healthy and pleasant life

We define ourselves as a company with a clear international vocation and with the clear objective of making available to demanding customers with a portfolio of carefully selected Fine Food Products under the following criteria:

Innovative and high-quality products: with a high added value in marketing and that make a difference with the rest of the competition's products, such as our Happy & Ole Sangrías and our Kit all-in for paella and Paellisimos rices.

Products with an excellent Price / Quality ratio: such as our Ladron de Lunas wines: PDO Utiel-Requena, PDO Valencia and Aymar, awarded sparkling wines :PDO Clàssic Penedès.

Premium Artisan Products: like our Era Alta Cured Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Products from the PDO:Los Pedroches. Iberian quality and guaranteed designation of origin, our Catalina Cantabrian anchovies and preserves or our JUAN JOSÉ Coffees of Colombia varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Pink Bourbon and Colombia Amarillo, grown at more than 2,000 meters above sea level for fair trade, social integration and rural development. And last but not least: nuestras cervezas Artesanales km 0, 100% sustainable and committed to social intergartion.

Environmentally sustainable products and projects with social commitment and respect for the earth and the living beings that inhabit it.

Superfood products and BIO products excellent for health: BIO / ECO condiments, Aymar organic sparkling wines, Extra Virgin Olive Oils from early harvest October and November each year under our two flagship brands Terra Anduyar and Esencia de Nevadillo, Oak forest honey and from Viborera Vadinia,

And what are we?

We are the commercial team of our factories / partners. When someone talks to us, he is talking to the producer.

Therefore, our prices are production prices, without any margin or additional commission from the distribution chain.

We have consolidated a portfolio of diversified and quality food products that offers variety and allows to unify suppliers and, therefore, simplify management in the field of distribution.

We wake up every day with vitality thinking that today will be the best day of our lives.

We ensure compliance with the regulations at destination and provide all the technical requirements and documents necessary for dispatch and delivery at destination in the agreed conditions.

We have qualified personnel in Food Safety and Safety, sustainability, traceability, logistics, production, quality, R + D + i, always in a balance of gender equality as a cornerstone.